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Accidental Injury Coverage

Injury Coverage Plans

Reliable Accidental Injury Coverage Plans

Get yourself the right coverage against any accidental injury from the professionals at Rabine Financial Partners. Expect our accidental injury plan to cover you not only for emergency treatments, but also for treatment-related transportation and lodging. Schedule your appointment today!

Benefits of Our Accidental Injury Coverage Plans

  • Sporting activity benefits: If you participate in one of the events organized by us, you can get up to 25% off the plan coverage that is payable for your injury charges
  • Wellness benefit: We can pay for some of your routine medical exams, which would allow an early detection and prevention of any disease
  • Pay your claims fast: We strive to pay your claim at the earliest
What's more? We can also pay you cash for the costs that are not covered by your major medical insurance plans. Call us at 402-991-9954 to learn more about the availability of our various accidental injury coverage benefits.
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